April 30, 2008

Juice is sooo good.  In fact, I thought it was so good that I’d write a blog on it.  My personal favorite is teh white grape peach.  I also like all of the pinapple fruity drinks.  Pinapple and Orange, Pinapple and Guava, Pinapple and Passion Fruit, just about all of it.

Juice is yummy and it is good for you.  I take a cup to school just about everyday.  It can wake you up and refresh you in the mornings.  It is also a great nightime snack.

So here’s to juice, the drink that tastes good and is also good for your body.


New Engine for the Z!

April 22, 2008

I bought a 280zx turbo engine for my 240z this weekend.  I haven’t picked it up yet, however.  I’ll be getting it this upcoming weekend.  I got it for $100 and it comes with tons of parts.  It is a complete engine, with the turbo, all of the manifolds, and even the tranny still connected.  It was basically ready to drop in and hook up.

It comes with a mixture of blocks, heads, valve covers, transmissions, manifolds, and more.  These parts are worth hundreds of dollars.

I’ll be taking out my current engine soon, and I’ll repair the battery tray that has some rust and I’ll also repaint the engine bay a nice black before I drop the new Turbo into the car.  Wish me luck!

I went to grab some coffee this morning and when I got up to pay, I reached into my wallet and I couldn’t find my debit card.  I looked all over my car and still couldn’t find it.  I have no idea where it could be.

I went to a restuarant last night and used it to pay.  I remember the waitress giving it back to me i think, but I could be mistaken.  I am going to call the restuarant a little later and see if they have it.

I hope I find it soon, I want my coffee!

I am selling my 240z and my Porsche.  A guy is coming today to look at the 240z.  He said he’d bring cash so I think he is serious.  Now I have to get rid of my Porsche.  I’ll be driving my dad’s truck for a bit while I have it sitting with a For Sale sign on it.

With the 240 about to leave, I started thinking, what’s next?  I have been test driving Z’s and other cars lately and have been trying to decide what to buy.  My options are another 240z, a 280zx turbo, a 300zx turbo, or a 30zx twin turbo.  Can you tell I love turbo cars?

Wish me luck on my decision, I believe I’ll go with a 280zx turbo and if I find another 240z I like, I can get that and drop the 280zxt engine into it.  That 300zx Twin Turbo is tempting though……


March 31, 2008

So, this is a little update on my 240z.

I took it down to my school to patch the floorboards, I think I posted that on here before.  Anyways, It’s been down there for weeks.  They’ve been done for at least a week, but won’t get it out of their shop.  Stuff is always in the way of the door so they can’t roll it out.  UGH.

This last week was spring break, as ALL of you know.  I was hoping I’d getting it home in time to do some stuff over break.  No luck.  I went in the last day of school and the teacher said they couldn’t get it out until after spring break.  So, I sat at home all break with nothing to do.  Well, I’m supposed to get it home today, so……let’s hope.  Tomorrow I’m supposed to start work on replacing the rear quarter panels.  So, uh…..yeah.

BPA Results

March 10, 2008

I competed at the Business Professionals of America for website design.  I got 1st at the district level and 3rd at the state level.  I qualified for nationals, which will be held in Reno, Nevada.

For Network Design, our teams placed 1st and 2nd, sweeping the whole category.   We also won second in two categories, and 3rd in two categories also.

 Good job for all of you thatcompeted.  Let’s do just as well at nationals.


February 26, 2008

What is on the road ahead for me?  Is it a technology career?  Music?  Cars?  Who knows?  I could see myself doing all of these things.

If I take the technology route then I’ll most likely be a website designer.  It’s fun, but can get repetitive.  I am not sure if I could do it all day every day.

 So what about music?  I play the ukulele, guitar, and drums.  I also try to play piano, but am by no means experianced.  I’d of course like to be a performer.  But just as much, I’d like work in a studio.  I love recording music, whether it’s my own or someone else’s.  It’s awesome to see and feel a track or album come together.  Maybe I’d even be able to open my own studio one day, however this can be expensive.  Music production associates music and technology to bring achieve a goal.

But don’t forget about cars!  What to do with cars you ask?  Well, anything actually.  I am really into the performance aspect of cars.  I love seeing, driving, making high performance cars.  I’m still learning the routes, but am already highly enjoying it.  It’d be awesome to open up a performance shop of some kind.

Another thing I’ve always wanted to do was open a car dealership.  There’re tons of those around, though……..right?  Yes, normal car dealerships.  It’d be fun to open one of these too, but even funner to open a high performance dealership.  A dealership specializing in sportscars, classics, rarities, and maybe even supercars.  The last gets expensive, so I’ll work my way up.  haha.  Everyone loves a nice sportscar, and with all the men going through midlife crisis, I believe I’ll get decent business.  Right?

I haven’t decided what’ll be in my future, but I do know that I want to enjoy doing it.  I DON’T want a job with tons of paperwork, or one that is boring.  NOW WAY.  If I’m going to do something for most of my life, I want to make sure I’m having fun!  Afterall, that is the point of life, right?  To enjoy being alive?!

Free Parts!

February 20, 2008

So I got a bunch of free parts from a guy over in Boise, about 30 min from here.  I got a free turbocharger, exhaust and intake manifolds, and an awesome head for my 240z.

The head needs to be repaired, it has some problems with the cam.  If I get those straightened out though, it’ll really help my engine.

I’ve been thinking about turbocharging my current engine, but I think I’ll just end up waiting to find the engine I want for my swap.

GOAL: 2500lb 240z pushing ~300hp at the wheels.

Bought a new car. :)

February 13, 2008

I am 16 and currently own a 1987 Porsche 944.  It’s my daily driver.  I have always liked the Nissan/Datsun Z line, though.  In fact, before a i bought my Porsche, I had been searching for a 1990-96 300zx.  I came across the 944 and got such a good deal that I couldn’t pass it up.

 After a year of driving my Porsche, I was about ready to get back into the Z’s.  However, my taste had changed a bit.  The 300zx is a modern sports car, packed with plenty of power (especially the twin turbo version) and plenty of good looks to go along with it.  However, my focus had shifted towards one of the earlier Z cars, the 240z.  The 240z is a classic, not only because of it’s age, but also because it changed the sports car industry of america forever.  I loved the Legend of the Z, and i loved the capabilities of the car with all of the engine swaps readily available.

 I looked for a while for a nice 240z, but never really found one that i had to have, or that was even worth the asking price.  True, the price of the Z is slowly climbing, but not enough that you can’t find a decent one for a good price, so i continued looking.

I was at my friend’s house one day, and as i left, something caught my eye.  A 240z sitting in his neighbors backyard.  I knew nothing of this Z, and had never seen it before, but a stopped to take a quick look.  It was in ok condition, definately a restoration project.  Still, that was kind of the kind of car i wanted.  I searched the car for rust, and suprisingly there was very little for an early Z car.  I knew it had been sitting outside, and was expecting a lot of rust.  I found some on the floorboards, battery tray, wheel well, and under the rockers just in front of the rear wheel.  All of it was minor.

 I went back to my friend’s house, and asked him if he knew about his neighbors car.  He just said he knew it was a Z.  I told him that I had been looking for one for a while.  I asked him if it ran.  He said it did (which was a huge surprise) but it had been sitting for a while so it might be a little rough.  I told him to ask his neighbor if he would sell it, and how much.

 A couple days later, I got an answer.  300 dollars.  For a running Z car with minor rust, this is an awesome deal.  I told him I would give him 200 for it the next week, and he agreed.  So i came back, gave him the 200 and drove it home.

I finally got my Z.  I have already began rust repairs.  I am going to cut out and replace all of the sheet metal that is majorly rusted.  When I get that finished (hopefully in a few weeks) I’ll sand the entire car down to sheet metal and paint it.  I haven’t decided whether to paint it black, or white.  Comment me and let me know what you think, or if you have any other ideas.  I know it’ll be JDM style for the most part, and have quite a bit of chrome.

The car will have a 280zx Turbo engine in it.  It’ll be pushing about 200hp at 10psi on the turbo when I put it in.  In a car that weighs 2400 pounds, it makes for a fast car.  Eventually I’ll upgrade it more, hopefully to about 300 – 350hp, but that will most likely take a while due to money issues.  I still am a highschool student after all.  My goal is for the car to be much faster than my porsche.

Wish me luck.  I will post some pics of my car, when I get home.  School web.  Everything is blocked.  haha


New here….

February 11, 2008

So, I’m new to the whole wordpress thing, well pretty much blogging in general.  We are writing this as a project in a website design class.

 I’ll try to keep all of my blogs as interesting as possible.  Most will be about cars, music, technology, or something else I am interested in.  I hope you guys like them, and read them.